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Thank You to Our 2016 E-Scrap Sponsors

All of us at e-Stewards would like to say a heartfelt thank you to our 2016 E-Scrap sponsors. With the help of our generous sponsors, we were able to have a presence throughout E-Scrap.

Thank You to Our 2015 E-Scrap Sponsors

The e-Stewards Program would like to thank our 2015 E-Scrap sponsors. Their generosity helped us strengthen the value of being e-Stewards Certified and increase awareness of the e-Stewards brand, and by extension, all e-Stewards Certified Recyclers and Refurbishers.


Share the Holiday Recycling Cheer!

It’s time for gift giving, and the hottest gifts this year happen to be electronics. Don’t let tough decisions on how to handle no-longer-loved items give you the holiday blues. Let e-Stewards show you what you can do to with those items and make the season greener with a scan of a QR code!

Make the Season Greener and Brighter with These Lighting Tips

Did you know holiday lights are e-waste and can be recycled by some certified e-Stewards recyclers? And most lights that “break” may only need a little attention to get them back to lighting up the season. Go green for the holidays by repairing broken lights when possible and recycling them when it’s not.

An Addendum to Black Friday: Planning What to Do With Your Old Electronics

Braving the cold the day after Thanksgiving in pursuit of affordable holiday gifts and electronics is a tradition in many households. And while standing in freezing weather brings some families together, maybe it’s time to add on a new tradition—an annual Planning What to Do With Your Old Electronics.