The e-Stewards staff is comprised of a diverse team of individuals with backgrounds in entrepreneurship, policy, advocacy, marketing, public health, and IT.

Sarah Westervelt

Policy Director

Sarah Westervelt is the e-Stewards Policy Director for the e-Stewards certification program. Her work includes a key role in the development and administration of the e-Stewards accredited certification program, as well as participation in the international Basel Convention meetings and multi-stakeholder processes such as EPEAT (Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool) and the Basel partnership PACE program (Partnership for Action and Computing Equipment). Through global advocacy, policy, market solutions, and education, Sarah provides guidance to governments, institutions, corporations, and the public to go beyond regulations and current practices, and to better understand existing international laws that pertain to trade in toxic wastes and best management practices for reusing and recycling electronics. Sarah has a Master’s Degree in Organizational Systems Renewal from Antioch University, and worked for years as a consultant in organizational development prior to joining the Basel Action Network in 2001.

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Mandy Knudtson

Business Director

In my role, I’m the first point of contact for electronic recyclers and refurbishers pursuing e-Stewards certification. I provide guidance and ongoing support to certified companies, initiate program development, and ensure the maintenance and integrity of the policies and procedures of the e-Stewards program. I manage internal and external program activities with the objective of increasing awareness of the e-Stewards brand to a global audience. I have a Master’s Degree in Policy Studies with a focus on environmental issues from the University of Washington. Prior to BAN, my background is corporate and entrepreneurial, through which I have built a strong foundation for networking and relationship building.

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Bob Akers

Enterprise Director

In the role of e-Stewards Enterprise Director, I work with corporations, organizations, government and Certified e-Steward recyclers to develop opportunity.  Previously, I worked in the electronics recycling industry for 13 years, most recently as executive director of the not-for-profit Surplus Exchange in Kansas City, Mo., where I guided my team to become an early pledged e-Stewards company, and we successfully completed a total of seven e-Stewards certification audits. I've also served on the e-Stewards Leadership Council since its inception. I'm proud to have signed Kansas City, Mo., as an e-Stewards Enterprise in 2015 and have worked with the city to develop their "ConnectHome" program, which provides refurbished computers and internet access to residents in public housing. I'm married for 27 years with two grown kids, and hold a degree from the University of Kansas.

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